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Supplier Management System

All firms and organizations are dependent on and involve suppliers for the provision of various goods and services in order to take full advantage of the performance of the business. Suppliers are very important for any business, and handling them is vital. Effective supplier management system ensures the occurrence of various activities which are mentioned below:

  • Devising policies to administer suppliers;
  • Discussing legal contracts between the acquiring organizations and its suppliers;
  • Suppliers yield goods and services in tandem as per the expectations agreed upon;
  • Contracts with suppliers should be in such a way that it should match the requirements of the business;
  • Targets set in the contracts with suppliers should be in line with the targets fixed by the procuring organization;
  • Management of effective relationships with suppliers and their overall performance
  • Management of supplier performance and maintainingtheir precise records and information
  • Organizations that define the supplier management system as per the set goals get high-quality products and services from their suppliers within the stipulated time frame.

The organization works in association with suppliers to enhance the overall performance. The organization is also able to handle risks associated with suppliersdue to these aspects of supplier management. The organizations, in one way, can limit their vulnerability to the risks that are often relatedto suppliers through the supplier management system.

Supplier Registration & EnablementEngaging suppliers made easy through branded portals.

Procurement SystemsTurnkey solutions to streamline requisitions, bidding, and purchasing.

Global Supplier Diversity & InclusionThe most advanced diversity reporting and economic inclusion system around.

Compliance & Risk ManagementMinimize compliance and financial risk with our automated system.

Supplier Data Management Solutions

Mtenders has provided web based solutions and tools for Supplier Data Management since 2015. The full life-cycle procurement and supplier management solutions are configured to meet customer needs. Mtenders is one of the leading platforms in the market and reflects continuous investments in upgrading the platform.

For buying organizations, we provide turnkey supplier management solutions that are optimized to fit your compliance, inclusion, risk management and supplier data needs. For suppliers, we provide a true gateway to creating new customer relationships and increasing the value of the clients you have now.

Our Solutions

Mtenders has a wide range of solutions configured to your needs.

Supplier Registration

An easy way to register current and potential suppliers.

Supplier Vetting

Supplier vetting solutions to reduce supply chain risk exposure.

Strategic Sourcing

Find suppliers around the world with our strategic sourcing tool.

Due Diligence

State-of-the-art supplier due diligence system.


Why search through hundreds of unqualifed vendors? We’ll pre-qualify and filter them before they hit your inbox.

Vendor Management

Manage your vendors by keeping track of their certificates and other important supplier data.

Purchase Orders & Invoices

Issue purchase orders and track payment status of supplier invoices in one place.

Supplier Onboarding

A smarter way to onboard your suppliers, saving you time and money.

Diverse Supplier Locator

Search hundreds of thousands of certified diverse businesses.

Vendor Payment

Pay supplier invoices in 190 different countries.

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