About Us

M-tenders is one of East Africa’s first fully automated service providers of supply chain risk management solutions. M-tenders works on behalf of buying organizations, from different industry sectors, to collect, validate and maintain essential data for about more than 5,000 suppliers.

This enables buying organizations to gain visibility of their suppliers capabilities and compliance before making important sourcing decisions. With an understanding of their supply chains, buying organizations can proactively identify and mitigate potential risks to protect people, planet and profit.

In addition to e-tendering M-tenders also offers a fully automated e-auction system for corporate and government bodies ranging from Auctioneering companies to Banks, NGOs, Saccos and any institution that normally use forward or reverse auctions to dispose of any kind of property. From Buildings to cars to mobile phones. Think of it and we go it covered. In addition, to the complete automation we can provide the system as a managed service with full support and you forget about any technical headaches.