Vendor Pre-Qualification

Pre-Qualify Potential Vendors
Vendor pre-qualification helps filter potential suppliers using your pre-defined requirements. Pre-qualification is an extremely useful solution for highly visible brands who have thousands of vendor applications to sort through. Close the loop with quick and friendly automated email notifications to suppliers who are not pre-qualified, and focus on the vendors that are pre- qualified.


Automated supplier pre-qualification saves your team countless hours when evaluating new suppliers.


Create custom questions that pre-qualify your supplier database for a particular opportunity.

Instant Feedback

Close the loop quickly with automatic email messages that are sent to pre-qualified and disqualifed vendors.


Pre-qualification questions are based on your specific category or business unit.


Centralized workflow inboxes and category routing help your team prioritize supplier review and approvals.


Evaluate and onboard suppliers in classification based workflows.

Procurement in Kenya

It is the first phase of the process of procurement in Kenya to onboard vendors through assessment by an organization using standardized benchmarks to determine their ability to supply goods or services. Organizations endeavor to build develop a skilled, reliable and viable vendor base, in line with its strategic business plan and program areas taking into consideration the challenges and opportunities of the market. Its goal is to influence business relationships with prevailing vendors and providing business opportunities to them.

Organizations frequently call vendors for pre-qualification to acquire business opportunities. It is a strategic process of the market to hire proficient suppliers who will offer products and services in the best interest of the organization in terms of value, business support, affordability, innovation, cost optimization, and risk management. The pre-qualification submission boosts the chance of a successful selection of vendors and instills confidence among them.

There is a need for vendors to recognize the pre-qualification as a vetting process conducted by an organization. The main objective is to provide an equal opportunity to existing and potential vendors to participate fairly in business. Vendors are usually very confident especially new business endeavors that want to supply their products and services after submitting their documents to organizations for pre-qualification. The vendor becomes concerned when there is an undefined consequence or no feedback after submitting their documents for prequalification to organizations. Organizations have to conduct pre-qualification checks as due diligence at the time of approving competent vendors and awarding them business opportunities.

Is Pre-qualification mandatory?

Vendor pre-qualification is a very essential part of the procurement in Kenya and a process of an overall assessment of a vendor’s competency. It is a significant process that escalates the probabilities of being observed and designated by an organization for the prospects of future business and other organizations as well. However, vendor pre-qualification is not an assurance of approval and if you want new business opportunities as a vendor, you will have to eventually apply pre-qualification.