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Reduce procurement costs and increase efficiency

Our online requisition and bidding solutions are great for small and mid-sized businesses. When suppliers compete for your business, you end up with high-quality goods and services for a fraction of the list price. Create purchase orders from requisition data, run sealed-bid auctions and reverse auctions on a web-based platform.


Online requisition software allows you to easily request new products and services.


Get the best value from your suppliers through our electronic bidding tool.


Requisitions can be pre-populated using your Supplier GATEWAY vendor data.


Run auctions in reverse by having suppliers compete and reduce your supply chain costs.


Let suppliers submit their bids without seeing competitor bids.


Requisition entry, approval routing, and processing in the cloud.


eTendering in Kenya commences from the design and initiation of a purchase request or order through to the honor of contract with stringent control. Bidding is a major part of the procurement process, hence a simple and comprehensive system should be in effect to generate and assess orders. This makes the whole process easier once the decision for purchasing is made, and examines requisitions and ensures all orders are the latest.

One of the main mechanisms of a procuring professional is being bordered by a group of reliable suppliers. Building and preserving good supplier relationships simplifies the procuring process and removes the need to initiate from scratch on every bid request.

The information offered on the requisition becomes the basis for Bids or RFPs sent to probable bidders or offers to provide the needed products or services. A precise and well-planned requisition will confirm the conclusion of the procurement transaction in a timely manner.

Mentioned below are various steps involved in the smooth functioning of the bidding process:

  • The formal Bid or RFP procedure takes at least 45-90 days from the time of receipt of provisions to ultimate approval.It is to be decided as to who is going to receive the goods or services; manage the contract, and confirm compliance by the supplier?Recommended suppliers are shortlisted and requisition is approved by the concerned authority.
  • Critical features that the department must have are analyzed and the decision is taken about the funds which will be used to pay for the item. The budget is estimated and the criteria for acceptance or rejectionare fixed.
  • The location of delivering the item and its usage is defined.
  • Information is provided on the item about its arrival and service delivery.
  • A proper assessment is done on the requirement of the item; certain important features ad its delivery time which is very important.

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