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Supplier Vetting Tools for Supplier Compliance

Reduce supply chain risk exposure by properly vetting your current and potential suppliers. We run TAX and NCA checks to ensure your suppliers are safe to do business with. Supplier vetting is a cost-effective solution that could end up saving you thousands or more.

Vendor Flagging

Create custom flags for your vendors that only your team can see.

Credit Report

Pull Experian business credit reports on your suppliers with one click.


Suppliers can be pre-qualified and vetted based on custom, client-specific requirements.


The quality and reliability of your suppliers arevital for the growth of your organization. If suppliers in Kenya are not able to meet the expectations which you need, then your organization will come to a halt.

Suppliers can hamper your reputation by delivering unsatisfactory products to your clients. A supplier having internal problems can interrupt your orders, contribute to missing fixed deadlines, etc. When the process of suppliers in Kenya is standardized, you are able to vet suppliers more rapidly.

Mentioned below are various measures through which you can vet suppliers:

1. Create a shortlist of potential suppliers

Firstly, there is a need to create a shortlist of potential suppliers for final evaluation. Then the decision is to take about the particular goals assigned to each supplier category.

2. Use reliable sources to find deserving suppliers

Next, use reliable sources to find deserving candidates for your shortlist. These suppliers need to vetted by the sources.

3. 10 Cs for supplier vetting

Potential suppliers in Kenya are finally vetted through Carter’s 10 Cs (competency, capacity, commitment; control; cash; cost; consistency; culture; clean; and communication) of supplier evaluation. You will need to conduct an interview with suppliers to collect information on these parameters.

4. Invite quotations

Finally, you will need to get printed quotations from the companies you are looking for. The quote from the supplier should be their compact price for a longer duration, such as three months. Also, they can be asked for discounts if you select them for longer periods of time or higher volumes.

You should compare quotations invited from several different firms for each category. You should always remember that the lowest price might not be in your interest. You need the best value for money. Sometimes, a low price may result in low quality or maybe too low to retain the firm in business.

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